Thursday, 14 July 2016

Disgraced Children's TV Personality Lands Key Ministerial Role

14 July 2016

Dishonoured former regular on children's programming, Bozo Jojo, has been handed a senior position in Government,  political correspondent for NWT has confirmed.

Jojo was once known for his clumsy hi-jinx and silly turns of phrase, but in recent years his public life had become mired in scandal. In 2013 he narrowly avoided charges under Operation Yewtree, and last month became entangled in an embarrassing affair, the fallout from which has thrown the nation into existential crisis.

"We're baffled by the Prime Minister's decision to appoint Bozo Jojo." Says Dominic Pritchard, 36, of West Drayton, "Our daughter, Lily, used to watch him all the time. Jojo was like a teletubbie with a really broad vocabulary. She loved when he fell over in ponds and her favourite catchphrase was 'You great supine invertebrate jellies!' But we never in a million years imagined him as government material."

The ministerial appointment has sent ripples through international politics, with some government officials having to stifle laughter at the news. German Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier reacted angrily, saying "You mean to tell me I will be negotiating with a soft, felt muppet?!"

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