Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Local Seance Accidentally Unleashes Restless Ghost of Former PM

12 July 2016
A solicitor and some local pensioners have accidentally freed the enraged spirit of British Prime Minister (1979-1990), Margaret Thatcher, during a nighttime seance, sources have confirmed.

The incident occurred at 3am last Friday, when a probate expert and his OAP clients were attempting to settle an inheritance dispute by raising the spirit of their recently deceased friend, Marge Patcher.

“We were trying make contact, to settle who would get Marge’s brooch collection,” says Joyce Rollins, 79, “but our Daphne’s dentures came loose as we were doing the summoning. She couldn’t get her words out.”

“I’ve been at hundreds of ‘Probate Seances’ as we in the industry call them” says Graham Goole, of Goole and Wight’s Legal Practice, “but even I was terrified. The former stateswoman came right out of the Ouija board before our eyes and flew out the window, shrieking that she was back to finish what she started.”

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